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I asked my 79 year old mother what she remembers most about the war years. “The patriotism that engulfed the country,” she said. “Following the battles in the newspaper and Atlas. Love of country. National pride in our military. I’m sorry I was too young to join one of the Services. We, as a nation, were all together.”

Mom also remembers my father, a World War II veteran. Four years out of the Army Air Corps, dad stopped to help a young woman who was wearing red lipstick and pedal pushers fix the roof of her friend’s convertible. The rest is history: the dashing man in his leather bomber jacket sweeps damsel in distress off her sensible feet. During a marriage that sometimes seemed like the war itself, one thing my parents always shared was a sense that as Americans, they had faced and overcome a great danger not just to our country but to the world. It wasn’t anything they talked about; it was the way they lived.


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