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A dozen questions that might help you get started telling us your story.

  1. What is your name, age, and the date?
  2. When and where were you born?
  3. Where did you grow up?
  4. Were you in the military?
  5. Did you go to war? What was it like?
  6. How did war change you?
  7. During your service, can you recall times when you were afraid?
  8. What are your strongest memories from the war years or your time in the military?
  9. What lessons did you learn from this time in your life?
  10. What are your hopes and dreams for what the future holds for young people today?
  11. If you could hold on to one memory from your life for eternity, what would that be?
  12. How would you like to be remembered?

For a customized list of prompts, check out this website by National Public Radio designed to help people prepare stories for the popular NPR feature called Story Corps. Remember–there is no right or wrong way to write down your memories. Even a few sentences would be welcome and appreciated.

You can type your story into the LEAVE A REPLY box at the end of this page, or send it to us at the Library (40 Washington Street, Quincy, MA 02169, attention “Quincy Remembers”). If you have photographs or other memorabilia such as medals or medal citations that you would like to include with your story, you may bring them to the library to be scanned. Call 617-376-1316 for more information.


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